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Contact: Colleen Lynn* Work 640 Freedom Business Center Drive Ste. 100 King of Prussia PA 19046 Unites States Work Phone: 610-640-3340 Cell Phone: 610-505-9327 Work Fax: 610-640-3822 Website: The Blue Book

Advertising, Market, Project Lead Service


*For Building Development Representative in your Area contact Colleen Lynn.
Provides multi-level marketing programs for the commercial industrial and institutional construction industry.

  • Joint Membership Meeting:  Wednesday, September 12th, Woodcrest Country Club
  • 31st Annual Golf Outing:  Sept. 17th Annual Golf Outing. Woodcrest Country Club
  • Annual "Can We Talk":   Oct. 10th Caffe Aldo Lamberti


Phone: 856.235.6950